For your entertainment

Someone at this practice spent a little too much time on YouTube.

The opinions expressed in these clips are not neccessarily those of anyone at this practice
but you may find them amusing. None are intended to cause offence.

If you find any more please do forward them to us  at: info@42thedentalpractice and we'll share them.

.         Woody Allen - Chattering Teeth: here     


.        Monty Python - Lemming of the BDA: here


.        Charlie Brown Snoopy Tooth Brushing Peanuts Gang Cartoon Rare 16mm Hbvideos   
           CCooldisneylandvideos: here


.       Monkey dentis:here


.       Best Beat Box Ever ! here


.        Terry gilliam dancing teeth here           


.        Futurama - Thompson's Teeth here


.        Dave Rawlings & Gillian Welch - Sweet Tooth here


.       Redneck Bending a penny in my teeth here


.        Improv: "Falling Tooth Song" by Jorge Narvaez and Alexa Narvaez (featuring Nice Peter) here           

.        Russian Dentist advert here


.        John Wayne's Teeth here


.        Sesame Street: Healthy Teeth, Healthy Me: Brushy Brush PSA here


.        Ladies Teeth Fall out During Divorce Court here

.        Why Grandma's shouldn't skydive here


.        Korean minister's teeth fall out. FUNNY! here


.        Bride gives false i do here